As the moon starts to wax and creep closer to full in its never-ending cycle, I become more audacious with what I do with her. On nights she wants to beg out, I insist she come over. I persist until she complies. This time I’m going to punish her for leading me on once she gets here.

I'm waiting for her at the top of the stair well when I buzz her into the building.

“Stop,” I call down to her.

She smiles up at me from the lobby, two flights below.

“I want you to crawl up, on your hands and knees.”

The smile fades and I see resentment, anger, embarrassment, then finally intrigue cross her face.

“I'll dirty my dress,” she says.

“Take it off,” I tell her. “Hold it in your mouth.”

“What about my handbag?”

“Do I have to spell out everything for you? Hang it around your neck.”

She hesitates and pouts as she looks up at me. I don't take my eyes off her. I can imagine the emotional storm raging in her head.

“Hurry now,” I tell her.

I watch as she pulls the dress off over her head then get onto her hands and knees. She slowly makes her way up the stairs in only her bra and panties. I make a note to myself to take her out shopping for silk underwear, preferably black.

I'm sure she is agonizing over the thought of another tenant blundering upon our scene. I know none of my neighbors are likely to be coming or going at this hour. When Gabriella makes it to the top floor landing, I snap a leashed collar around her neck. She looks up at me with protest in her eyes. I lead her inside before she has a chance to say anything.

I lead her all the way through my flat to the kitchen, making her follow me on all fours. Then, I make her sit like a puppy while I pour some of her favorite pear nectar into a bowl. I order her to lap it up. Gabriella looks like she might burst into tears when I place it on the floor for her, but she complies with my order. I gently wipe her face with a napkin when she’s done, then I kiss her and tell her she’s been a good girl.

I lead her into the bedroom before she has time to think of a reason why she shouldn’t be letting me do this to her. I sit on the bed, put her across my knee and give her a solid spanking — I use the back of a hair brush. The game, however, degenerates to an exploration of her sex where I gently play with her clit, watching her sigh and gasp. I note what stokes elicit what reaction. I probe inside her with my fingers. I watch her shudder as I do. She gasps when I touch her, when I push her button the right way. I watch with fascination as I make her come. And must admit I’m kinda cruel as I make her come over and over again until she can take no more. Once she’s had her fill of orgasms and can take no more, she begs me to stop. She pleads with me that she’ll do anything for me, suck my cock, anything. Only when she begs long enough do I give her what she thinks is a break. I pull her up by her collar and throw her onto the bed. As I lie on top, spreading her legs apart and pinning her arms above her head. She tries to squirm free when she realizes I am entering her, but she gasping in pleasure as she feels me inside. I’m sure she’s realizes by now that I’m only getting started for the night.