A novel first published in © 2011 by Joe Nobel. Now only available here.

Anna Singer dangles by her wrists, chained to the ceiling. She is a young and inexperienced CIA agent on her first mission. Her code name is Andromeda. She’s at the mercy of the Soviet General Uri Konstantine, an expert at peeling away all her secrets. She has been betrayed, captured, then made to undress for him, but what’s most embarrassing as he toys with her, she's about to come.

Perhaps that's what saves Andromeda. Her captor is both amused and surprised at how malleable she is, and decides to keep her as his personal sex slave. Although she is scared and bewildered, what she fears most is how she is attracted to her new master.

Thus begins Andromeda's erotic journey.

One day, when she accidentally summons the ancient god, Odin, Andromeda finds herself a slave to not one but two sex-crazed masters. Andromeda dutifully serves both her masters' needs for the next five years: until she realizes neither one can show her anything new. An escape is in order if she is to start a new chapter in her life: something easier dreamed of than done. When she confronts Odin and asks his help, she realizes that the chains that bind her are all in her head.



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