Andromeda's Budapests as I snapped some photos between 2007 and 2008.
Times have changed since 1956, but the grand architecture of Budapest is timeless.

Andrassy út
formerly People's Republic St.
(Népköztársaság út)

Townhouse on corner of Andrassy út
and Bajcsy-Zsilinsky
where I imagined Anna to have lived
during her years as a sex slave

Another view of the townhouse

Entry way to Anna's residence

The inner arcade in Anna's building

More images of the arcade

More images of the arcade

View of her door
In General Konstantine's time
there would have been guards posted
making a running escape impossible

A little dismal grass or moss
at the bottom
not much going on down there for Anna

Fountain on Vorosmarty Square

The Gerbeaud pâtisserie
on Vorosmarty Square

Another view of the Gerbeaud

The British Embassy on Harmincad u.
(1/30th Road).
Named after the tax collected at
customs house originally on the site.

Another view of British Embassy.
Originally a bank.
The ground floor still contained abandoned
teller stations in Anna's time, in 1956

Dorotya u.
One of the many winding roads in Budapest's old town.

Pedestrian passage way under the
building next to Jozsef Attila u.

Another view of the pedestrian passage way,
taken from across Jozsef Attila u.

Yet another view of the pedestrian passage way.
Under these arches is where Anna eluded
AVO police on her run to cross the Danube.

More material to come if I can dig some up