Talks on Blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and other Cryptocurrencies.

Intro to Bitcoin | Vinny Lingham | TEDxCapeTown
TEDx Talks
Bitcoin for consumers today | Paul Hickey | TEDxCincinnati
TEDx Talks
The future of money | Helen Wong | TEDxNorthwesternU
TEDx Talks
Blockchain Demystified | Daniel Gasteiger | TEDxLausanne
TEDx Talks
At the Speed of Money: How Cryptocurrency Will Transform
Everything | David Morris | TEDxTampaBay
TEDx Talks
Blockchain technology : From Hype to Reality |
Russel E. Perry | TEDxM√ľnster
TEDx Talks
What the #?!* is Bitcoin? | Jeremy Rubin |
TEDx Talks
Blockchain: Massively Simplified | Richie Etwaru |
TEDx Talks

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Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
Consumer Alert: Buy Bitcoins at Your Own Risk
Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation

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