I always wanted to write a Doctor Who episode. So far I haven't been invited to the BBC. But I can do the next best thing: I put together a time traveler, a witch, and some nasty hyper-dimensional monsters. Oh, and instead of Timelords, I gathered the gods and goddesses of Asgard who sit on high to judge and command.

On a brass-tacks level, this story is a continuation of the Odin Chronicles, with Liudmila staring as the Witch in the title role, and the return of Montana Chang, who made a brief appearance starting on page 215 of Andromeda.

These monsters, aliens, Frost Giants, call them what you will: are dying, desperate, yet seemingly unstoppable. They are bent on feeding on human souls to regain their powers and become invincible. Mila and Montana must stop them or human kind is doomed.